Nichel Pitts

Owner and Videographer

Nichel was introduced to the world of video production being the subject in her friend's video.  While shooting, her interest was peaked,  and her friends graciously taught her the basics of video shooting and editing. She then went on to work with various clients shooting promos, events, weddings,  podcasts, and helped shoot an independent film.

In 2019, Nichel produced a social media mini series entitled, Faith Over Fear that allowed people to share their stores of how they've overcome fear in their lives to pursue their dreams and goals.

That series led Nichel to start Intentional Productions with the goal of creating work that  is purposeful, meaningful, and lasting. 

Black is Beautiful

Black is Beautiful

Photo Studio
Drone Lens

Rickeya, Client

Professional, prompt, meticulous, personable, and overall did an excellent job. She is open to feedback regarding her craft, and makes the process easy.

Camera Screen

Robert, Client

Very professional, deeply informative. Pays attention to detail.

Classic Camera

AJ, Client

Great camera work, super professional, Nichel always provides a great product! Will recommend Intentional Productions to all those who need services.

Hunt for Love Wedding

Hunt for Love Wedding

Respect My Thrift

Respect My Thrift